Arunachal Pradesh Employee Payslip 2024: Download Salary Slip & Online Login Porcess

The state government of Arunachal Pradesh has been launched an online portal for employees. By using this portal employees in Arunachal Pradesh can download their monthly Salary/ Pay Slips. This portal knows as Arunachal Pradesh Employee Payslip Portal. This portal was started from the Finance Department Employee Login Web Service. Because Arunachal Pradesh the land of the rising sun, the heaven of the botanist, and also know as the orchid state of India. We know very well every state’s development depends on the economy/ revenue per year. And all economic sources come from Agriculture, Industry, self-employment, etc.

Arunachal Pradesh Employee Pay Slip 2024

But an employee always plays a very big role for the enrich and empower the state’s economy. So the employee is paid for his or her work and it is very transparent in paying/right pay for the right work. With the help of this article, we will discuss information about how to get Arunachal Pradesh Employee Payslip 2024 from DDOs and this is the best guide for you on how to get the salary slip online. If online salary slips are available we would like to provide the latest information on this.

Arunachal Pradesh Employee Payslip Download Online

About Arunachal Pradesh Employee Payslip

When you are facing some problem to get a payslip by web portal so don’t worry. So applicant gets Arunachal Employee Payslip via offline mode from your DDOs with proper approach method. An Employee e-Salary Slip is a document storing employee salary details and employment details. It can be received from your Salary Disbursing officer manually at your working office.

Arunachal Pradesh Govt Employee salary slip provide to an employee at end of the month. Then your DDOs received an application from an employee. And which state how much money he or she earned, and how much money deducted towards saving and how much tax has been paid.

Overview of AP Govt Employee Salary Slip 2024

Pay Slip Name Arunachal Pradesh Employee Salary Slip 2024
Subject DDOs are providing facilities to all AP Govt Employees for getting Employee Pay Slips on offline mode
Category Monthly Salary Slip/ Payslip
State Arunachal Pradesh State
Provider DDOs of concerned departments
Department Various Department of Arunachal Pradesh
Last date to get Slips An Employee get the payslips from the offline by office working hours

Arunachal Pradesh Govt Teacher Salary Slip

Teachers of Arunachal Pradesh can also obtain the benefit of the salary/ payslip. Teachers can get their monthly salary slips from the office of DDOs. They can also view and download employee salary details online by visiting the official website of the Finance Department, Govt of Arunachal Pradesh. The process is mentioned below:

Procedure to Download Employee Salary Slip 2024

You have to follow the given steps to get the Arunachal Pradesh Employee Payslip 2024 online:

  1. First of all, you need to get a blank salary slip from any bookstore.
  2. Bring this slip to your working office.
  3. And ask your Bills In-Charge or maker to fill in the salary details for a specific month.
  4. Then, Bill Maker can fill the details in the Salary Slip with the use of the Pay Bill Register.
  5. Here Checkout all salary details and also personal details in the salary slip.
  6. After that, you need to meet DDO and take the sign with a stamp on the salary slip.
  7. Now you can use it for future work or get a loan from the bank.

NOTE – If online payslips are not generated on the Arunachal Employee website. So you need to contact your DDO with the empty pay slip at your Block Office. There, your bill in charge will fill all the details with the help of the pay bill register. After Your DDO will sign on the play slip.

What does the Arunachal Pradesh Employee Payslip contain?

Arunachal Pradesh Employee Payslip contained the aspect details like Employee Basic Salary Details (Arunachal Employee Code, Employee Name, Arunachal GPF Number/ Arunachal PRAN Number, Designation, Arunachal GLI Number, PAN Number), Bank Details, and Employee Scale/Grade are available in this payslip

And also Earning Details that total gross salary details (Basic Pay, DA, HRA, Allowance and other), Deduction Details (Arunachal GPF, Arunachal GIS Installment, Profession Tax, Arunachal GLI, and Recoveries), NET Amount, Gross Amount and more details are available in this salary slip.

For more information about Arunachal Pradesh employee salary slip kindly visit the official website at

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