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Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force (ITBP) PIS Login 2024 | ITBP Pay Slip (Month-wise) Download | ITBP Personnel Salary Slip Print Online | Himveer Connect Login Portal

In this pandemic period, all are lockdown himself in their house only stay away from COVID 19. But Army officers served their own duty the secure our country. With the help of this article, we will discuss the ITBP Pay Slip 2024. ITPB Police force stands for Indo-Tibetan police. The Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force (ITBP) was originated on 24 October 1962. Nowadays ITBP is active on border defense duties from Karakoram Pass in Ladakh to Jackap La in Arunachal Pradesh.  This area covers 3488km of Indo-China Border and border outpost along with 9000km in the western, central, eastern regions of the Indo-china border, extend to 18700km.

ITBP forced is a mainly of mountain force and most of the personnel/ officers and men are professionally trained mountaineers and skiers. Although during natural disasters, ITBP acts like a rescue team and relief operations across the country. Dear readers read this article to the end and you get the complete information to download the ITBP Pay Slip 2024 online with the official website in the portal login process.

ITBP Pay Slip 2024

We all know India has great numbers of police forces each belonging to individual units. They are work to guard, secure, and the implement law. Maintaining peace also country. But in this article, we will focus on the ITBP which is a major force in Indian country. The Indo Tibetan Border Police is among the five major and superior forces in this country. These forces work under the Ministry of home affairs in the central government of India. As there are thousands of ITBP employees who receive their monthly salary in return for their service to the nation.

Here ITBP PIS login allows them to aware of the details related to their monthly payments. ITBP Pay Slip (January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December 2024) stores all records online. the portal also called the name Himveer portal.

ITBP Pay Slip Download Online

About the Salary Slip of ITBP personnel (Month wise)

The ITBL was started on 24th October 1962 and holds up to date. This formation was begun by the Indo-Sino war. The army forces are under the CRPF work to protect Indian citizens at the border with Tibet. The ITBP has grown from small numbers of 4 battalions to 60 battalions to date. They hold up a force of 89,432 and hoping to grow up more numbers.

By using the ITBP payslip portal ( Himveer connect login ) all personnel and officers posted in ITBP can see their monthly payslip details online platform. After the log into the official website of the Indo-Tibetan Border police forces “Himveer Portal”. All ITBP workers can access their monthly salary information. Basically, a salary slip/payslip is required for getting an income certificate and availing loan from a bank. Although all ITBP workers can download or print salary slips online for any month and year by login into the Himveer portal.

Online Login into HIMVEER Portal

Every year Indian government needs new police personnel to join the ITBP. Freshers are practiced to work for various units in the force. The government also prepared for the salaries of the new missions. It also involves allowances and perks. All the money after the discount is deposit into the workers’ bank account number. The forces workers have the right to trace their transaction and salary slips. The government has a website portal where new and old members of the ITBP can access and get details about their payments.

ITBP Pay Slip Himveer Connect Login

ITBP workers have to visit the official website by click here, where they can get their payslip records with one click. This website is designed, create, and hosted by the NIC-National Informatics center. On this portal, Army officers will get all the information related to their salary. The Information Department has also created an online software platform for the ITBP force. Now ITBP workers can simply get details about their ITBP personnel salary pay-slip by the online portal.

About the ITBP PIS 2024: Himveer login

The ITBP website page is also called Himveer connect. The portal will help the ITBP personnel to access their accounts easily. Here they can learn about allowances, loans, monthly payslips, and many more. So visit the Himveer connect the website to see the all salary details. But one thing always keeps in mind the login information is personal and cannot be share.

Requirement for ITBP Pay Slip 2024:


Login process of ITBP Himeer Portal

If you have already registered and acquired a password and username. So follow this process given below to log in to the account page.

  1. Go to any browser and navigate the official website by click here
  2. The homepage will appear before you, just fill in all the needed details.ITBP Pay Slip - Salary Slip Download
  3. Fill in the PIS username and password. Username is provided during employment and written on the payslip. Key in the captcha code on the space given then proceed.Himveer Login Online
  4. Click on the login button.
  5. Your system will show the ITPB PIS profile on a new page.
  6. Then click on the ITBP Pay Slip and enter the month and year you wanna receive the slip.
  7. The monthly slip will be created where you have the choice to download and print a copy of the same

NOTE – Keep this note in mind. The system is designed to block users who login severally with a wrong password or username. Taking a time frame of 24 hours before activating again. You should be careful and sure of these login details. Always ensure they are not known to others to avoid fraud.

Reset Forget ITBP Login password/ Recover password

Sometimes the user forgets their login password but doesn’t worry. So in the case ITBP PIS website, the wrong attempt will be fined by blocking the account. This should not happen to any person as they can easily get a new password. The website has a reset tab, Check the details below for either a change/update or reset.

  • Firstly, Visit the official website ITBP PIS by click here.
  • On the homepage choose the login tab and next click on the “Forgot Password” option.
  • A fresh page will open having four columns as shown in the below imageReset ITBP Login Password
  • Enter all the details needed by the site.
  • Now select the Reset button,
  • After that, the system will send an OTP to the registered mobile number.
  • Enter the OTP and makes the changes, ensure you get a strong password but set it simple to remember.

New Registration at ITBP Himveer Portal

When you have the ITBP account the workers have to register their details first. They have to use the Himveer connect to enter their details which will be used in the account setting.

  • All the personal details such as name etc.
  • Education qualification of the user.
  • Registered valid mobile number and email address.
  • The employee code number/ battalions number.

After getting the above details the personnel can now login to the website page for salary information.

  1. Go to the official ITBP website page by click here
  2. On the homepage choose the New Registration link provided.
  3. A registration form will appear in front of you.
  4. Place in the needed details as mentioned above
  5. Then enters the registered mobile number and email address.
  6. Check out the details and if all okay select the submit button.

ITBP Pay Slip (Monthly Salary Grade & Pay Scale)

The ITBP police forced is paid according to the rank and units personnel holds. The year of experience also matters in the payments. The ITBP workers also receive allowances and perks each month. The discounts are made before the salary is deposit into the final account.

So there are various pay scales or the pay band in the Indo Tibetan Border police forces. The scales are decided by the ranks. Hires cannot be classified as experienced personnel. Though with years the salary changes as recruits join in

  • 1 Pay band
  • 2 Pay band
  • 3 Pay band
  • 4 Pay band

The ITBP receive different permissions as follows:

  1. Daily allowances
  2. Education allowances
  3. Medical allowances
  4. House rent allowances
  5. Transport allowances
  6. High Altitude allowances
  7. Dearness allowances
  8. Detachment allowances
  9. Gratuity allowances
  10. Admissibility, quantum, and the commutation allowances

All this information is covered on the online page of ITBP. Here the personnel can check about their loans and deduction anytime. This saves time and resources. The government can also track each employee’s transactions. The employees avoid visiting the head offices for payslips and inquiries. The website also has help desk contact working round the clock.

Helpline No (Contacts Details)

  • ITBP Pay Slip Helpline:
  • Control Room (Directorate General)
  • Phone Number:- (011) 2436-8237 / 2436-3940
  • Exchange (Directorate General)
  • Telephone Number:- (011) 2436-0773 / 2436-2837
  • Recruitment (Extension) Helpline Number:- 339

Note – Guys, we are not responsible for the faults given above. It is just for Details purposes only. For more official information, visit the Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force official web homepage at Click here

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