JKPAYSYS Salary Slip Download 2024: Paymanager Login, Gov in Salary Slip

Download JKPaysys Payslip & JK Police Salary Slip 2024 Online at jkpaysys.gov.in Portal | JK Govt Employee Salary Payslip Download & Print | PayManger Jammu & Kashmir Login Process

Now all government employees of Jammu and Kashmir can view and download their monthly salary payslip online at the official website of PayManager J&K. For this, you need to register yourself at the CPIS portal and get your employee’s unique identification number. After login into the portal, you easily obtain JKPaysys Payslip 2024 & JK Police Salary Slip online. Here you just need the Employee Code and the required month and year of salary slip.

JKPaysys Payslip & JK Police Salary Slip Online

JKPAYSYS Salary Slip 2024

The Centralized Personnel Information System is initiated to strengthen the Finance Department of Jammu Kashmir state. This assists state government employees to view payslips online together with their basic employment particulars.

The online system has lessened a lot of physical work. As it explains a simple procedure to distribute the salaries among numerous government departments. The Jammu and Kashmir State government focuses upon assigning a Unique Employee Identification Number (UEIN). This number is termed as their username. Consequently, this will let the particular user avail the employee page in CPIS and download their latest payslip.

Requirements for JKPaysys Payslip & Salary Slip

In order to check the Jammu and Kashmir employee payslip and download it, Each employee must need to follow the below-mentioned points. Without this, the CPIS will not permit any unauthorized user to avail of the employee Login page.

  • Username obtained after successfully Employee Registration for Jammu Kashmir CPIS Login
  • Password sent to the same mail of registration
  • Email ID which needs to register with the CPIS portal

JKPaysys Payslip Portal Online Login Process

  1. Firstly, visit this link; jkcpis.nic.in. This will take you to the website page of the Centralized Personnel Information System (CPIS).
  2. You need to move to Login Box at the right side of the home page
  3. Now fill in your username along with the password associated.
  4. Following that enter the verification code as presented inbox
  5. Then click on the Login buttonJammu and Kashmir PayManager Login Online
    • The particulars will be taken and read by CPIS to load. Then it will take the employee to the required page containing employee particulars.
  6. After that, click on the Payslip option as it is important to select.
  7. Now choose the Year and Month from the dropdown.
  8. Lastly, click on Generate option
  9. Consequently, the Jammu and Kashmir employee payslip for the selected month through the CPS portal will appear on your screen. You can download it to your device for future references.

KPAYSYS Salary Slip Download jkpaysys.gov.in

Now one can easily download the JKPaysys Payslip anytime online through the simple process. You just need your employee number. You can download the needed payslip through this new procedure mentioned below:

  • Navigate to the official website at https://jkpaysys.gov.in/salaryslip.aspx
  • Now key in Employee Code. You need to provide the accurate employee code assigned by Jammu Kashmir Government
  • After that enter your first name. You must fill in your first name according to your employee records.
  • Then select the financial year and month. You need to choose any needed financial year from 2015 and the needed month of that FY from drop-downJammu and Kashmir payslip login
  • Following that enter the verification code. You should fill in the accurate verification code. If you face any confusion then refresh the page to enter another code
  • Lastly, click the Submit button.
  • Consequently, your payslip will appear before your screen. You can print or download JK Police Salary Pay Slip as per your requirement.

FAQs related to JKPaysys Payslip

  1. Can I change my Jammu & Kashmir Employee Registered Email Address?
    Yes, if one faces any problem with their present registered email Id, then anytime the employee can request to re-register their new Email address with their account. The email must be delivered to [email protected]. The official CPIS email ID with the requesting particulars with all your employee details in support of the verification process.
  2. What if My Email Not Found in the Common Pool or Department?
    If you have checked your Jammu & Kashmir Employee ID and have not to get it in the Common Pool or Department, then an email should be delivered to [email protected] containing the employee Name and Date of birth regarding this.
  3. Can the Jammu & Kashmir Employee Pay Slip be edited?
    No, the J&K employee payslip created from the Jammu & Kashmir CPIS portal JKCPIS is in regards to the employee attendance, and work done for a particular month can not be edited. As the edit option for the Payslip is only accessible to accounts DDOs. The employees don’t have any edit access regarding this.
  4. How to download JKPaysys App (APK)
    You can easily download JKPaysys Mobile App for JK Police Pay Slip Online Download & Print from the Google Play Store or directly click here.

Employee Pay Slip & Salary Details in New Format (PDF)

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