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This is to inform you all that the PAO GREF Pay Slip 2024 or BRO are some of the basic terminologies that exist in the Indian nation and administration. These divisions work under the guidance of the Ministry of Defense. The BRO stands for Border Roads Organization, the PAO for Pay Accounts Office, and the GREF implies General Reserve Engineer force. All these organizations are meant to ensure services to the border of the Indian nation. The department of PAO GREF generally manages the overall accounting and financial department. It majorly deals with facilities like monthly salary slips, pays records of all the consistent PAO GREF Employees, and payscale.

PAO GREF Pay Slip and Online Login Process

What is the PAO GREF or BRO?

The PAO GREF Pay Slip 2024 or BRO are certain basic terminologies present in the Indian nation and administration. The BRO (Border Roads Organization), PAO (Pay Accounts Office), and GREF (General Reserve Engineer Force) work under the direction of the Ministry of Defense. All are organized to ensure greater services to the Indian National border. PAO GREF department controls the accounting and financial departments. They deal with services such as:

  • The Monthly payslip
  • The Pay records of all PAO GREF employees.
  • Payscale

The BRO operates under the adviser of the Ministry of Defense. They look after the maintenance as well as the development of roads. The project is concentrating primarily on the Indian border and its surrounding regions /nations. The PAO GREF department was officially established in the year 1987. There it was supervised by administrative control of the PCDA (SC). The unit is the single controller and it manages personal accounts for the GREF employees.

Every year the GREF provides employment to eligible individuals. Large numbers of applicants turn up for filling the specified number of vacancies. Each GREF employee receives their salary on monthly basis. Along with that, they also obtain allowances and perks per month. This differs with the employment tenure and the designation one holds.

PAO GREF payslip portal Online Portal

One can download the PAO GREF Pay Slip 2024 and BRO Monthly salary slip directly from Successful applicants are sent to various regions of our country for major duties. They help in the development and maintenance of all border roads. They ensure proper infra-structured road networks for all citizens. Evidently, the recruited individuals are assisted with monthly salaries and allowances that fall under PAO (Public Affairs Office). This is for every GREF member. Now, we will learn about the PAO GREF Pay Slip download procedure, registration, and employee login process.

Brief Details of PAO GREF Pay Slip 2024

Name of Article PAO GREF Pay Details (BRO Monthly Payslip)
Section Border Road Organization
Country INDIA
SSP Employee Pay Slip Download login
Official Website

PAO GREF Payslip 2024 (BRO Monthly Salary Slip)

Every member of the PAO GREF service is entitled to have a right to access their accounts. Consequently, they can view their monthly payslips. This can be done by visiting the online website page that is-

PAO Payslip login portal

  1. Firstly open the official website of PAO GREF that is “”
  2. At the homepage click on the option “Pay Details” then move ahead to sign in.
  3. Direct Link:
  4. Here you need to enter your username and password. Then click on the submit button.
  5. Note on the username section and fill in the GREF number.
  6. Consequently, a new page will appear and the BRO GREF member can check their payslip and monthly slip.

The GREF personnel can obtain all the salary particulars from the official website. They can easily get their monthly salary slip, check balances, allowances, and perks, etc. This website is only available for GREF members. They can utilize the link using their login ID and password. The member needs to get registered to obtain all login particulars.

Requirements for the GREF Registration 2024

PAO GREF registration portal

  • The BRO/GREF number
  • Registered Phone number/ email address.
  • School qualification certificates.
  • Citizen proof documents, Aadhaar card, and PAN card
  • Must have enough understanding of the residential area/proof of permanent address. Pin code and landmark etc.
  • Name of employee’s father and mother

PAO GREF Online Registration

The members of GREF can easily register through the online procedure. As it helps in accessing the PAO GREF employee account. One can simply take a mobile or computer device for the registration procedure. You need to note that the view on the website is different from the device used.

Online Registration Process for PAO GREF 2024

PAO GREF online registration and loging process

  1. Firstly visit the official website page of PAO GREF website at
  2. The Desktop users need to click on the header section. Now select the option called “New Registration”.
  3. Then move ahead and click on personal users.
  4. The Mobile app users need to click on the navigation bar located on the right side and select the tab “New user registration”.
  5. Consequently, a registration form will appear where the individual need to fill in the following details.
    • Key in the 8 digit GREF number for example GS 178678
    • Enter your date of birth starting with the year/month/day.
    • Fill in your pan card number then click on the submit button
  6. Following that enter the personal information like your first name, middle and last name. Along with Father and mother’s names.
  7. The username which is the GREF number needs to be entered in the space given.
  8. Now enter the registered phone number and email address.
  9. Enter a strong password that should be easy to remember. Please note that the password must have capital & small letters with special characters and digits.
  10. After that key in your physical address that is the city and pin code.
  11. Choose a security question that is easy to remember. This question helps the employees when they forget their passwords. The answer should be pertinent and easy to remember.
  12. Carefully recheck all the particulars and then click on the Sign-Up button.
  13. The system will deliver you an OTP on your registered phone number.
  14. You need to enter that OTP to verify all details entered. Now click on the submit button.
  15. The GREF personnel can log in to the official website using the registration details. They can check on their monthly slip. Also, they can download and print a copy of the monthly payslip for future reference.

Password Recovery Process for PAO GREF Login

The GREF employees can only avail the website with their login credentials. However, the personnel is prone to forget their password in case they have numerous different accounts. Consequently, the government has ensured an accurate way of password recovery as given below:

PAO GREF Pay Slip Password Recovery Portal

  1. You need to open the official PAO GREF website i.e
  2. At the homepage move to the “Forgot Password” section next to the login tab.
  3. Then a new page will appear before you. Enter the details like your username, GREF number, and the registered email address/ phone number.
  4. Now click on the submit button.
  5. Consequently, the system will deliver a reset link to the given email Id. Use it to reset your password. You need to enter a new password and confirm it.

BRO & GREF Pay Scale, Pay Band & Grade Pay

The Payscale for the BRO and GREF fall under the central government. The documents are generated differently based on the pay scale or rank of the GREF employee. The Salaries are provided according to the rank of the GREF personnel. Senior members receive a different pay scale, unlike the new recruits. Time and qualifications decide the amount of salary. However, allowances and perks are provided equally to all GREF personnel. They obtain a housing allowance, medical, dearness, etc.

PAO GREF official portal

How to examine & view the Pay Details online?

In order to examine and view pay details one needs to log in with a registered ID. For registering one requires a user ID. They need to click as a new user on the right-hand side of the Home page and enter the following details:

  • GREF No (For Ex- GS123456)
  • Date of Birth
  • PAN Card Number

(If PAN Card No is not available with you, then firstly you need to deliver PAN card details to the PAO GREF)

After entering the above three data, you need to click on ENABLE Text Box. If that data matches the data obtainable with us, then the rest of the form will appear for filling. Enter all the fields accurately and never forget your password. Now press the submit button. Evidently, you can log in with your User ID and Password.

For more details log on to the official webpage of the PAO GREF at

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