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Payroll is an English word that generally used when your work under the company. When you worked, you get paid after completing your month. This article will try to understand the term of Payroll and extract detailed information with deep analysis. We will look out every term that is related to the employee payroll such as the Payroll Management System, deductions, working hours, leaves, etc during explaining the structure of payroll types in India. You need to read all short paragraph that contains precious knowledge.

Payroll Management System

When a company starts, it needs more employees to get a mammoth form. A large market cap company has a gargantuan base of employees for its inevitable work. These employees required a monthly salary for their unbelievable services at the end of the month. If the company did not have a Payroll Management System then the company would have to face the high cost of this mistake. But every company has its own Paying Management System that deals to pay salary on the correct date.

When your payout, you can download the payslip on the respective company’s website. On the payslip, much information will encounter before you i.e transferred amount, benefits, deductions, monthly wage. The above said system is called payroll management.

Payroll Management System and Types

Types of Payroll Services (Methods)

The payroll management system does not have a single type despite it has other branches of payroll management. Strong points have been described to understand types of the payroll management systems.

  1. Paychecks have been involved in the payroll management system that works daily.
  2. The available information on paychecks is Employee wages, Withholding, salaries, deduction containing financial records with other more items.
  3. The number of days has been calculated before giving paychecks.
  4. It is proof of employee’s learning in a certain period.
  5. Mentioned earnings on the payslip make you eligible for the next job.
  6. Your worked quality has mentioned on the payslip.

Available Information on Payroll

To understand the importance of a Payslip, you will have to examine it thoroughly. It consists the more information and telling about your personality. You are going to interacting the available information on payroll such as:

  • Working Hour
  • Payout Salary
  • Wages
  • Net pay
  • gross pay
  • Deductions details.
  • Loans
  • Personal details
  • Bank details

Detailed Employee Payroll Information

The company has every employee’s details which are attached to the payslip. Proceed below to check what kind of employees details are mentioned in the payslip.

  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Date of birth
  4. UAN number
  5. leaves
  6. working days.
  7. department.
  8. salary information, etc.

Working Hours

As per the company rules, the company records the employee’s hours of working and filled in the record sheet. Employees can view their working hours at the end of the week because the company issue the working hours of employees per week. Payslip will tell you how many hours you have worked till now.


In many conditions, employees have to take leave. In these conditions, employees will not come to work in the company. So, the company mentions on your payslip that how many leaves, you have taken. This is recorded by the company. This information is available in the employee payroll management system.

Employee’s Salaries

A fixed amount of salary will be given to the active employee as per your company rules. The amount of your salary is decided by company HR with the help of your past performance like working days.

Wages ff Employee

Employee’s Wages is a system when you payout hourly not monthly. Wages work in very rare conditions. If the Wages amount mention on your salary slip that means you will be paid hourly.

Overtime Payment

The growth of the company will increase regularly then many employees work overtime to earn more. Overtime means when you worked more hours than the company has decided. Suppose, In general, you will have to work 8 hours a day but you will 10 hours a day that means 2 hours will be counted as overtime. The company also pays extra money for overtime.

Deductions from Salary

PF is a particular amount that has been deducted from your salary every month. It will give your back when you renounce the company. In the monthly salary slip, one can easily check their types of payroll deductions.

Payroll Taxes

If you are eligible to pay tax then tax will automatically be deducted from your salary on the paid time. Whatever tax is eligible to your, will be deducted. You can check out some taxes like Income Tax, Federal Tax, Local Income Tax, and other legitimate taxes.

Net & Gross Pay

It is a total payment amount that has been transferred to the employee’s account. It is the total salary on which you have the right to use anywhere. After all taxes and PF, you get this amount.

How to Set-UP Payroll Software?

You have many ways to prepare your payroll by considering above said points. This is valid proof and it will contain a list of every employee which includes a helping hand, you can make a list through excel of each employee. You need to make a list of every employee that containing every information just like above said in this article. When it complete, you will have to update it monthly for accuracy.

  • Many companies hire an accountant for such kind of work. An accountant is a master in excel and will do your work faster than anyone. Giving a chance an accountant, it will make your work easy.
  • In the modern era, every company wants to use software that has deep accuracy in handling payroll work. Such kind of software may be paid but it will reduce the headache of payroll on the time. You no need to give any extra commands. It will handle automatically and will do your work on time. Some software you can try like ERP Software or Human Resource Management Software (HRMS).

Payroll Management System PDF Free Download

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