Sikkim Employee Pay Slip 2024: Download Monthly Salary Slip & Pay Scale Online

Sikkim Employee Pay Slip 2024 Download Online at Portal | Sikkim Govt Employee Pay Scale
and Salary Slip (Month-wise) | Finance & Revenue Dept Payslip Generate Website

A Salary Slip is a report given to employees by an employer. It contains a definite portrayal of the worker’s salary segments. These incorporate HRA, LTA, Bonus paid, and so on. In addition, it shows deductions of a particular time frame. Generally, it is generated on a monthly basis. It could be given on paper or sent to the employees via email. The Government of Sikkim has provided a privilege to their employees. They can now get their salary slip through online mode. Sikkim Employee Pay Slip PDF contains all the details of the salary of the employees. Along with this, employees can also find their employment details on this payslip.

Employees can now download their payslips from the Sikkim FRED official website. FRED is the finance department of Sikkim. In this article, we will give you other information related to this department and its web portal. We will describe how you can log in to the FRED Portal and download the Sikkim salary slip online.

Sikkim Employee Pay Slip Download Online

FRED Sikkim Portal

The term FRED stands for the Finance, Revenue, and Expenditure Department. This is the finance department of the Sikkim state. It plays an important role in the development of the State. It provides a sound and proficient financial administration framework for great governance. The department essentially looks after the work related to taxation. It also manages the other financial matters and prepares the budget of Sikkim state.

The state government has taken several measures with the aim of rapid economic growth. They have performed many reforms in the exiting system. Consequently, the state has witnessed huge growth in economic activities. Their information technology has evolved a lot. The same department has introduced an online service. This will help the employees and employers a lot. By using the online portal of FRED, employees can view, download and print their Salary Slips online.

The Finance, Revenue and Expenditure Department of Sikkim

Sikkim Employees’ Salary Slips

The Govt employees of Sikkim can check their payslips at end of the month. They can see how much money they have made this month. Further, it also shows the total deductions made by employees. The amount saved and taxes is also mentioned in these slips. Payslips are very important for an employee. It is because it also acts as valid proof of their employment. The finance department of the government of Sikkim provides these payslips to the employees.

Now the employees of Sikkim state have the opportunity to download their Sikkim Employee Pay Slip online. They can do this through the official website of FRED Sikkim. It is an employee corner web portal. The official website link is The state treasury website maintains this web portal. Along with that, the Finance department of Sikkim also looks after this online portal.

FRED Sikkim Employee corner

Overview of Sikkim Employee Pay Slip 2024

Name of Payslip Sikkim Employee Salary Slip 2024
Subject FRED Sikkim is providing a facility to all Govt Employees to download Online Employee Pay Slips on online
Category Monthly Salary Slip/ Payslip
State Sikkim State
Provider FRED Sikkim
Department Finance Department of Sikkim
Official Website
Last date of getting Slips An Employee get the payslips from the official website at any time
Online Salary Slip Download website

Sikkim Government Teachers’ Salary Slip

The government teachers of Sikkim state also have this privilege. They can also download their monthly and yearly salary online. To do so, they may visit the official e Nidhi Sikkim payslip web portal. One has to log into the portal to download their payslips and salary slips online. They can do this by using their login credentials.

Download Sikkim Employee Payslip Slip Online

Now the question comes that how can you download this salary slip. For this, you have to go to the Sikkim FRED web portal. Here we will provide you with all the information to download employee salary slip online. This is a suitable guide. By following this, you can easily view and download your salary slip sitting at home. Here you will also get the direct link to go to the official portal of FRED. Furthermore, you can also access your payslip statement through this portal.

Steps to Download Employee Payslips Online

You can follow the easy steps given here to download the Sikkim employees payslip online.

  • First of all, you need to go to the official FRED online portal. You can use this link to open the portal.
  • Now go to the option for users. This link will directly take you to the user’s option.
  • Then, key in your login details. (As shown in the below image)

The employees' login window of FRED web portal

  • After entering Username and Password, click on login to proceed.
  • Next, select the option for employees. This option is available in the drop-down menu.
  • Now navigate to the salary slip file. You can find this under the salary statement section.
  • After that, you can download the Sikkim Employee Pay Slip 2024. You can find the downloaded file in the ‘downloads’ section of your device.
  • This portal allows you to download integrated payslips as well you can download your salary slip for the last 3 months or the last 6 months in a single file. Otherwise, you can also simply download the monthly payslips.
  • You will get the salary slip in PDF format. You can now print it for future reference.

Note – If in any situation you do not receive your salary slip on the FRED website. Then you need to contact your DDO. You should keep the empty payslip. It will be needed in the block office. After that, your bill in-charge will fill all your details. They will do this with the help of pay bill register. This register have all the details of all the employees. Lastly your DDO will sign on the salary slip.

Details available on the Sikkim Employee Payslip

Sikkim Employee Pay Slip/ Salary Slip contains several important details. These details may include the Employee Basic Salary Details. For example Employee Code, Employee Name, GPF Number/ PRAN Number, Designation, GLI Number, PAN Number, etc. Further, it contains the Bank Details and Employee pay scale/ grade details.

Some more information available on these salary slips are the Earning Details such as total gross salary details. For instance, Basic Pay, DA, HRA, Allowance, and others. Along with these, Deduction Details such as GPF, GIS Installment, Profession Tax, GLI and Recoveries are also there in these payslips. NET Amount, Gross Amount and many more details can also be available in this salary slip.

Contact Details (Helpline No)

You can visit this link to find the contact details of the FRED Sikkim portal. Here, you will find several departments. You can select your concerned department. After that, you can contact them through the mobile number or email address provided against that department.

Note – All the above information is published for reference purposes only. We will not be held responsible for any changes in it. From time to time we visit the official website to get the latest and official details. So you can check the official website for updated information.

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